We are co-creaters of the Swapathgami Network, a nation-wide community of individuals and organisations who believe in ‘walking out’ of conventional institutions and are ‘walking on’ to discover and create their own ways of living and learning. We have initiated the Year On campaign in India to encourage everyone – young and old – to experiment in walking out and walking on in their lives.

Gap year or ‘year off’ as it is usually called, refers to taking time out between school and college, graduation and post-graduation, or even between jobs. Time out to reflect, play, learn something new, unlearn something old, and basically do (or not do) everything that a routine, structured, institutionalised education or life may not provide.

The Year On campaign is named so since we believe it is not so much a year ‘off’ as a year ‘on’. This blog is furthering the campaign, where we hope to showcase letters from parents, educationists and well-known principals from around the country, encouraging youth and their families to take a year on after either class 8th, 10th, or 12th, as an essential part of their educational learning journey. Basically saying that, in the 21st century, a child’s education is not complete without a ‘year on’ to explore themselves, their passions, their communities and the world.

To know more about the Swapathgami Network, please visit http://www.shikshantar.in

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I must say it is essentially required……… i can use a famous quotation –

    “not all those wander are lost”

  2. Dear Madam/Sir this is with reference to your article in Life 365 dated on 2 June, 2012. National Center for Advocacy Studies( NCAS), Pune would like to associate with in your initiative as we liked idea of Year on Campaign. NCAS works in the field of Advocacy since 1992. NCAS’s constituencies are Tribals, Women, Dalits and Minorities.

    to Know more about NCAS and it’s activites, please log on http://www.ncasindia.org

    waiting for your reply on – bharati.tanishq@ncasindia.org, ncas@ncasindia.org,

    Thank You

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